"Amazing setting!!"

Amazing setting, the kids get to do so much stuff there & most importantly, staff are always warm and friendly. Thanks to the team at Top place Preschool. I’ll highly recommend this place to everyone.


"Unbelievable Improvements!!"

I am happy with A’s progress. Happy to see that she has started to share and make friends. She communicates better since starting this nursery, her fine motor skills have improved and now doing ‘wee-wee’ in the toilet.


It is so good to see how well E has developed her skills and her confidence with adults and children. Her speaking has also improved since she started preschool.


"Kind and Caring Staff!!"

“My 4yo son attended Top Place Nursery part-time (2 days per week) for 6 months before 'lockdown'.  The staff are very kind and caring towards the children and enthusiastic about the activities.  There is a good structure to the day and although my son was never keen on going in the mornings he was always happy & smiling when he came out in the afternoons.  Despite the limited outside space, there was always a wide range of indoor activities set up and these varied each week.

  Communication is good and the learning journal which his keyworker put together was a lovely record of his time there and captured his achievements & progress really nicely.  During lockdown Rachel, Ana & their team were quick to set up a group to share activities and ideas as well as set up Zoom meetings twice a week so the children could see each other and interact; singing a few songs & sharing a short story with a letter or theme each time.  This speedy innovation is an example of the motivation and dedication of the staff to keep in touch with the children & continue the relationships & learning. I recommend this nursery.”



Aysa had a great time at Top place nursery. She was always happy and keep talking about the staff, activities and her friends. I could see how excited she is every day to join the nursery and how well she improved and concentrate on the activities. 

I am so sorry that we had to move from Watford, Aysa really missed her friends and carers. And she really loves them. 

Thanks, dear Racheal and your team for all your support and patience, all organised activities and encouraging parents to participate.


Mojgan Gholami

"I am happy to recommend this Nursery for any child."

My son was easily accommodated when we asked  Rachael for a place. He has autism and needs more help than most kids, he was very comfortable at Top Place Pre School and they were so flexible with my schedule. He is having fun and has not had issues with learning. 


The best is that the school assisted us in getting his IAELDS done and assess his progress with us as well. Even the assistant teachers were good and involved with each child.

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that I appreciate the team currently working in Top Place preschool

who are doing a great job. 

They are really good at handling kids and keep kids busy with lots of learning activities. We can see senior experienced Teachers in this place. 

And the team makes sure that they focus on all the children by having a very nice Teacher to kids Ratio, with these kids learning pace will be much better. 


Even when coming to safety precautions which is any Parents top priority, even that is good here. Teachers make sure the preschool is the safest place for children by making necessary arrangements. 



"Safe & Joyful..."

As a parent, it is very important to know that your child is in a safe and joyful environment. Since joining Top Place preschool my daughter has developed in so many ways. The experienced teachers are caring and professional and my daughter has become more confident as the preschool provides a happy and positive learning experience. My daughter has a lot of fun while learning new things and develops new skills. Thank you so much for your dedication!

"Total Turn-around!!"

My daughter has really enjoyed being at Top preschool nursery since 2 1/2 years of age.
Her language and communication skills improved a lot. She started using many more words and was able to speak with meaningful sentences within a month of starting there. Her interaction with other children was excellent. She engaged in various craft and play activities there.

She was encouraged to toilet train and was free of nappies when she turned 3 years of age. The school also encouraged her to have a lot of fruits and vegetables which we were struggling to do at home. We also received regular feedback from her key worker or teacher which was very helpful in gauging how she was doing. We were able to share her behaviour at home and the nursery and improvised on those techniques.

Top preschool has continued to support my daughter in all aspects in her physical, emotional development and communication. They have continued to do so during the lockdown through zoom sessions which is a very appreciable effort.

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