Dear Parents,


Seeing that the end of term is fast approaching, we will like to update you on some important information for the rest of the term. 

Christmas Visit:

Unfortunately, we are not able to do a visit this December as planned due to logistics and the sheltered homeless closest to preschool only allow older children. We have however in the spirit of Christmas decided to make donation of chocolates and socks to New Hope Trust on Queens road, Watford.

There will be a box on the table in the foyer from this week, kindly donate chocolates, socks and other festive items as you wish. We will take this to New Hope Trust sheltered home on Queens Road before the holidays.

Photo session

Preschool photo session is this Wednesday 27th November starting from 10am. Kindly bring your child on the day even if they are not normally in preschool on the day, it will only take a few minutes. The session will end at about 12 noon.

Lock down policy.

The preschool now has a lock down procedure in place. This is to keep the children and adults safe in case of any incident or disturbance in the local community etc. A copy of the policy and procedure is available at the setting. Kindly request a read at your convenience.

Fire Evacuation

We have managed to secure Central primary school as our meeting point in the event of an evacuation whereby we are not able to go back into the setting. We do hope we will never need this.


Country of the month

In celebration of diversity and culture, the country for the month of December is Romania. We encourage parents to bring items related to their country to support in various ways. Music, dance, arts, food, dressing etc. We will continue to update you on the different countries of the month during the new year.


We wish to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and for making the term and eventful one for us at preschool.

Spring term start date is Tuesday 7th January 2020


Do not hesitate to let Ms Rachael know if you have any questions, suggestion

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