Why Top Place Preschool


Choosing the right preschool for a child is a difficult decision for many parents to make. As a parent, you will be concerned about the type of care your child will receive while at a preschool. At Top Place, we aim at providing every opportunity for your child to grow/develop in a secure, friendly, caring and stimulating environment.


As a team, we are committed to getting the best out of the children in our care by responding to their individual needs, building their self-esteem and their confidence to try, and engaging them in interesting and challenging activities.


The early years are the important and formative ones in a child's life. We provide activities such as sand and water play, painting and drawing, dancing and singing, music and drama, craftwork and games etc to stimulate a child's development.


The children are given the opportunity to develop mentally and physically to the fullest of their potentials. In handling and experimenting with varied play materials, the children acquire muscular control, keen perception and coordination of hands and eyes. This makes the development of reading and writing skills easier at a later stage and is an essential process in the development of thought, reasoning and judgement.



We adopt a child-centred approach by giving every child the opportunity to choose and lead their own play. The children are provided with a variety of carefully chosen educational resources and equipment and with the discrete help of fully trained staff, they learn through play and environmental study. A key person system operates so that your child has one particular member of staff assigned to their day to day requirements and needs.

Why Top Place Preschool ?

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