Terms 2019


S e s s i o n s

Breakfast Club-          7.30am to 8.30am

Morning sessions-      8.45am to 11.45am

Afternoon session-     12.15pm to 3.15pm

Lunch club-                  11.45am to 12.15pm


All day sessions are also available

Spring Term 2019

Monday 7th January 2019 – Spring 1 Term Begins

Monday 18th February – Friday 22nd February – Half Term

Monday 25th February 2019 – Spring 2 Term Begins

Wednesday 3rd April 2019 – End of Spring 2 Term

 4th April 2019 – Monday 22nd April 2019 – Easter Holidays



Autumn Term 2019

The Autumn Term 2019 is due to start on Monday 2nd

September 2019


Summer Term 2019

Tuesday 23rd April 2019 – Summer 1 Term Begins

Monday 6th May 2019 – May Bank Holiday (Preschool Closed)

Mondays 24th May 2019 – Friday 31st May 2019 – Half Term

Monday 3rd June 2019 – Summer 2 Term Begins

Thursday 18th July 2019 – End of Summer 2 Term

Preschool Daily Routine


07.30am – 08.30am                    Breakfast club

Morning Session

08.45am – 09.00 am                   Welcome, Registration

09.00am – 09.15am                    Circle Time

09.15am – 09.45am                   Free play/Key person time/Adult-led activity

09.45am – 10.15am                   Free Play/Craft/Dance/Phonics

10.15am – 10.45am                   Rolling Snack/Free Play/Keyperson time

10.45am – 11.00am                   Music/Keyperson time

11.00am – 11.20am                   Outdoor Play time

11.20am – 11.45am                   Story/Home time



11.45am – 12.15pm                   Lunch

Afternoon Session

12.15pm- 12.30pm                     Welcome/Registration

12.30pm -12.45pm                    Circle Time

12.45pm – 01.15pm                   Free Play/Keyperson time/Adult-led activity

01.15pm – 01.45pm                  Free Play/Craft/Dance/Phonics

01.45pm – 02.15pm                  Rolling Snack/Free Play/Key person time

02.15pm – 02.30pm                  Music/Keyperson time

02.30pm – 02.50pm                 Outdoor Play time

02.50pm – 03.15pm                 Story/Home time


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